Give Help

Could you be a fundraiser for foodbank?

Could you find a creative way to support local people in crisis?

For the Fit & Active– Organise a sponsored aerob-a-thon with the help of your gym, leisure centre or sports group.
Bingo for Beans– Hold a one off evening, or make it a regular date!
Dine at Mine– Hold a dinner party for friends and family with guests bringing along a donation for the privilege of your gourmet cooking!
Bad Tie Day– Charge your colleagues £1 or £2 to come in wearing their loudest tie. Award the winner!
Donate a Day’s Pay– Encourage workmates to donate a day’s pay!
Car Boot Sales– Arrange for a stall at the local car boot sale- sell anything from cakes, to things from the garage, books or clothes.
Slimming Contest– Arrange with your local slimming club, with participants donating or being sponsored £1 for every lb lost!


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