Thank you for donations nov/dec 2021

12th January 2022

14 Million people in the UK live in poverty and the Isle of Wight is no exception, which is why we appreciate every single donation.

We are unable to mention every kind and generous soul that donates, helping to support local people in crisis, but we would like to thank you all!

December is our busiest month and many of you joined in with our Reverse Advent Calendar, supported our Music Madness event and ran business initiatives. Many of you also donated at supermarkets, including at the Tesco Collection, and many more donated food and money privately.

A million times thank you. We do not receive any government funding so depend on the kindness of our Island community.

We are a charity, together with the Trussell Trust, aiming for a hunger free future which is why we provide more than just food. You can read here to find out more of what we do.

Please scroll down to see who is in these photos:

We were able to take a few photos at the end of 2021. Pictured above are:

Volunteers at our Tesco Collection / Volunteers helping to sort an enormous amount of Reverse Advent Calendar donations / Costa in Tesco Ryde who kindly gave our volunteers free coffee at the Tesco Collection / the Ascensos Santa bringing in their donation / JC, Kathy and Angelina, The RUG band, Strawberry Moon and The Kelpies who very kindly played at our Music Madness / donation from Wight Strollers / Harvey, who filled a basket with bargains.

Simon from Utilita with a cheque for over £3000 / donation from Ali’s Fitness Fusion / donation from Lifeline / PC Consultants bringing in the Mince Pie Marathon donation which saw over 1300 mince pies donated from businesses / donation from EE Newport who partnered with the Trussell Trust / money donated anonymously and last but not least, the largest one time donation we have seen in years from the Isle of Wight Education Federation including Christ the King College, Medina College and the Island IV Form.

We’d like to add our thanks to the NHS departments from St Mary’s Hospital (not pictured) who donated. Thank you for your kind donations and for all you do to serve our community day in and day out. You said you ‘have received so much support, it’s great to give back’… Thank you 💚

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