Partnering with Bankuet

6th April 2020

WE ARE PARTNERING WITH BANKUET to find an easier way for you to donate to us. Bankuet delivers the things we need, when we need them. All you need to do is click on this link to donate the things we need:




Do you have 30 seconds? Here is a short video explaining HOW BANKUET WORKS:


Bankuet vision
Bankuet empowers food banks with digital tools to multiply their work. Bankuet gets foodbanks precisely what they need, when they need it and makes it simple for donors to give. Bankuet uses simple web and cloud based technology to do this.

Business purpose
The UK already has over 2,000+ known food banks, and that number is growing rapidly – hidden hunger is a stubborn problem. Food banks are in the news almost weekly and Bankuet exists to serve and multiply the efforts of these frontline organisations. The generous public wants to help but current solutions don’t provide the easy direct link they are looking for.
The vast majority of food banks operate with little to no technology and use labour intensive methods to track and receive their donations. A comprehensive solution using simple technology could also deliver economies of scale and release significant value to food banks and the supportive public.

Social impact
People walking into food banks are often there for complicated and complex reasons. We don’t claim to be able to offer a solution to that. Our heart is to serve and support the incredible work that food banks do across the country as they help the most in need. Foodbanks need help and readily available technologies intelligently applied will transform their ability to serve.

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